I think I’ve finally nailed it.

I’ve got to blog this I’m not much of a blogger so bear with me. I’ve got do much to tell you and it’s very disturbing. The baby shower was not primarily for the baby at all. It was a summit meeting with Serena Williams in charge. The objective was to organise the PR manipulation of Twitter. Heres how it works. Meghan Markle, Abigail Spencer, Serena Williams, Markus Anderson, Jessica Mulroney, Amal Clooney and possibly everyone at that BS was briefed to each control 100+ senior foot soldiers. Which makes a total of approx 2000 “footsoldiers” , ( the more the merrier obviously, but they are vetted very slickly. These accounts engage in superficial chat but they do engage, albeit shallowly.

And by doing this with # and coded # they control the paid bots or I shall call them minions. The minions are employed by Serena’s PR firm. And they are paid workers who can hardly string a sentence together and very poor English.

They are paid and work from a crib sheet. The kkkcamilla is probably started my myregalpark. Shes pure evil. I call her the security. It’s a very slick operation, whereby if they get 100 followers they are moved up a rank ( I’m guessing this because the footsoldier enthusiasm is startling. The Americans / English speaking are the most enthusiastic. I cannot post any more pics but I need to ask @skippyisheretostay and @jerseydeanne did you already know this? Am I stating the obvious and banging my head against a brick wall ( ie nothing can be done?) This really is huge. As you know I’m always on Twitter. It’s an evil place but it’s all I know. Since I started the petition, I’ve been trolled but shit dont faze me. I dont care. The tennis madam and the charlatan are all set to bash us into submission. Maybe George will run for president. This is chilling. Please let me know what you think. Oh and I’ve had to get new account ..they got me banned. I’m not @giftedwales. I got my beautiful new twin grandsons here for weekend. The big rugby match was on yesterday in Cardiff. My daughter and son in law saw prince William in the brewery! Brains is the Cardiff local beer. He exploded a cask or something. But I babysat. Wales won 24-7 against Ireland! Sorry Ireland but hey the Welsh got William and you got St Patrick’s Day. Happy st Patrick’s day everyone. We’re all Celtic. It’s a brilliant city and a wonderful place to live. On that’s it. Thank you.

These thirsty bitches are all about naff PR stunts and merching up the wazoo. Instead of stepping up their game they pay for fake fans and use trollfarms to doxx and harass critics. Disgusting…

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