Benedict is currently on a well supervised weight loss plan so he can finish Ironbark filming. I spoke to many people who went to Letters Live this week, via Twitter. They described him as happy, smiling, jovial, and even jolly, and said all of his readings were wonderful. He is a grown man, working to honor his commitments. He is not a weakling and he’s no one’s victim. Only conspiracy theory believing skeptonannies buy that BS.


Pull the other one

Oh please, we know damn well what y’all tried to do so turn off that gaslight. The bottom line is that you lot are liable. Capisce? Do you want me to post photos from the months before Ironbark began filming when BC looked like a concentration camp…or was it poisoning victim? And you could easily run into problems (legal and otherwise) if you are some two-bit escort ‘health coach’ acting like a licensed dietitian by prescribing diets to clients with chronic health issues (which EDS is), you idiot. He’s not losing more weight either, you can tell he’s gained some back. So your claims don’t hold water, sorry. I can believe that he was in a better mood than usual, after all he didn’t have to deal with SoFail’s fuckery onstage and was free to perform to his heart’s content. But as far as everything being “wonderful”? While the ShamWow is still ongoing? Erm, NO. He’s a grown man who has been betrayed by some of the people closest to him. He’s a grown man that has suffered irreparable damage to his reputation, has lost countless job opportunities and has had millions stolen because he was hoodwinked with the help of HW into a horrible long con. BC has a good work ethic, so it’s a given that he’ll honor his commitments…provided that he doesn’t keep losing them. A trend that is guaranteed to continue until he takes the garbage out, all of it. Now GTFO.


PS: You have to be pretty weak to get bitched by the likes of Sophie Hunter and Adam Ackland. Work on IB is most likely being delayed because of SunnyMarch’s financial issues.

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