The DM outed some of the worst Meghan Markle haters. If we’re lucky, karma will come out for you soon.


Oh I’ve been doxxed a ton of times already. And if you think anyone still gives a shit about Zero? Dream on. The BRF doesn’t want people digging in their dirty laundry, so they outed the people digging. Can’t have the truth about Prince Andrew coming out, can they? And I’m not worried about MY karma. But Zero and flying monkeys like you, should be.

Ditto and *yawn*. Her doxxing stunt backfired terribly BTW, now critics are reporting a considerable upsurge in readership 🤣! Within 2 days professional troll Piers Morgan ripped Maggot to pieces… the Fail 😂! With fame comes scrutiny, deal with it. Karma will be coming for the likes of the SoHoes, Team Soso etc. in the form of arrests for being involved in all sorts of unsavory activities. Insiders know all about it 😏…

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