“Common sense consultant”, thank you so much for the laugh Adriana. Why would Ben’s team ask for advice from someone they banned from that charity gala? Ever heard of the fixated person list that Scotland Yard has? Because I’m betting you’re on it. The only thing you’re ever likely to hear from Ben is fuck off.

Oh I don’t know…maybe because I have what his Dollar General Team obviously lacks? A little something called logic and integrity? I couldn’t hope to compete with SoFail, who is like the Queen of Permabanning herself. I mean being run off from Setlock in the span of 15 minutes by none other than Mark Gatiss…for life? LOL! But that’s not all! That crazy bitch got herself barred from all Marvel Studio sets after multiple complaints of 5150 grade behavior! Wow, I must say that takes some doing. Scotland Yard doesn’t bother with law-abiding curmudgeons like yours truly BTW. Not with extranationals with no history of problematic behavior living 5.5 thousand miles away. Especially not with the pedoshitstorm that’s coming your way. Oh no, they focus on stuff like UK centric drug trafficking, prostitution, SRA rings, racketeering, blackmail, money laundering and the like. You know, the type of illicit activities that people like Charles Hunter and many of his little angel’s friends are deeply involved with.

I double-dare Ben to tell a magistrate to ‘fuck off’ when the term complicity is brought up. He isn’t a Royal or an MP for that matter so please learn to read before sending me baseless asks. All I do is express my controversial opinions on my blog, I don’t hire troll farms to harass a critic for two fucking years which BTW began weeks before the GEANCO kerfuffle. She planned it all out but is such a coward that she used TOBY and Co. to make the patently false claim that I wanted to physically harm her. I documented everything BTW and have every intention of using it in my defense. See there is a little something called an Ethics Committee and with everything that’s starting to come out about the Clinton Foundation? *Whistles*, what goes around…

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