About that Vegan food…

I’ve been mulling on that little Pic from Chanterelle, Benedict’s nutritionist. And I have some lingering questions:

1. Why was the vast majority of the food labeled for Zero? If they live together and both use her, why would the majority be marked for Zero, with only a few marked Ben?

2. I thought Benedict says he cooks his own food? Why would he use this kind of service if he cooks his own food? (Or is that why we only see a few things for him, vs Zero?…but then that means that he doesn’t cook for his wife!)

3. Now this one is the question that just won’t go away: if Chanterelle is cooking for BOTH of them, why is that the meals are individually labeled? I mean, I get that one may like certain foods more or have an allergy, etc., but still. Not only that, but why is that Zero (when we’ve gotten a look at her), looks much healthier than before, yet Benedict looks worse? Furthermore, why does he seem to look better when he’s out of the country for a bit than he does when he’s eating these pre-made, custom meals?

Maybe it’s not the Vegan diet, itself that is bad for him? Maybe it’s just the prepackaged meals from Chanterelle? And I wonder why that would be…maybe I’ve been watching too much Discovery ID or reading too much CDAN (see the Omarosa blinds)…


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