Celebrity Freud family quietly invested millions in multiple ping pong and pizza restaurants in London and Chicago

By swordfish69

An article in a British construction magazine confirms that the Freud family, who were behind psychoanalysis and the Tavistock Clinic, and who became involved in the Madeline McCann investigation through outed pedophile Clement Freud, are closely involved in the pizza and ping pong restaurant business. Matthew Freud, his nephew, appears to have been part of a multi-million pound investment in these restaurants, which was attended by Hollywood celebrities, London socialites and members of the pizza and ping pong club circuit.

Some more info on Matthew Freud from another Voater


With the creation of Bounce Shoreditch spanning over two and a half years, the £3.5million project encompassed an investor line-up including PR man Matthew Freud, Zoopla’s Alex Chesterman and Zetter Group’s Mark Sainsbury. Bounce is also due to open its first international venue in Chicago in early 2016, with further planned openings in the US and Asia.


This eventually included the opening of AceBounce in Chicago as well, a couple blocks from the Obama-connected Loop Capital, who are connected to the ping pong nightclub circuit through Killerspin founder and close Obama confidante Robert Blackwell.



Matthew Freud helped manage the McCann scandal and worked with their controversial PR man.

Clement Freud: Pedophile

The bar in Shoreditch is above a series of tunnels that British intelligence and Aleister Crowley had access to.

Matthew Freud is the nephew of outed pedophile and former BBC personality, Clement Freud, who infamously invited the McCann Family to his villa in Southern Portugal following Madeline’s disappearance in 2007. Matthew Freud headed the Freuds PR agency during the McCann disappearance and helped manage the media spin. Sara Latham, a close associate of the Clinton’s and the Podesta’s, was also a member of Freuds. Both Matthew Freud and Tony Podesta appear to have owned the same painting. While details are unclear, Shepard Fairey’s Progress, a portrait celebrating Obama’s inauguration, was part of the Heather and Tony Podesta collection, but then it shows up in a display case in the Freuds London office.

Not only does Bounce Ping Pong bear much similarity to Comet Ping Pong, but the establishment also contains a number elements identical to Comet.

The Shoreditch location contains a pizza oven which is nearly identical to the one at Comet in DC, and both Bounce and Comet sell nearly-identical personal pizzas as one of their main dishes.

Comet Pizza was opened in 2007, but changed their name to Comet Ping Pong in 2008, which coincides with this investment.

Matthew Freud attended and promoted events at Bounce, and the Podestas did with the Pizza Pac and home viewings hosted by Comet owner James Alefantis. Tony Podesta was close to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama; David Cameron has flown on Matthew Freud’s private jet.

Proof of Hollywood involvement.

I got together with Freud in london,

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I got together with Freud in london,

Who loves you! I now know you are a ping pong champ! This is his place in london, “Bounce” Thinking of you. B

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I’ve always known that those Sabbatean-Frankist Frauds, as I like to call them, are up to their ears in pedoshit. Old Siggy was one of the masterminds behind Tavistock and thus MKUltra FFS. Then there was Bernays, the godfather of MSM propaganda. Is it any wonder that PR maven Matthew is another rotten apple? Along with Sir Saville his dad was one of HRM’s Knights of Pederasty. I knew about MF’s close ties to HWeird and more too, he’s Murdoch’s exSIL and was very cozy with the likes of Swinestein. He also has a vested interest in the Groucho Club, which brings us back to Hackgate, their own pedo scandal and bottom feeders like Charles Hunter…

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