The ‘Island Mafia’, a corrupt coalition of Freemasons, lawyers, very dodgy business people, drug runners and dealers, pedophiles and Satanists. Nice people. How do they get away with it? The Isle of Wight police force is one of the most corrupt in Britain and the main local media is controlled by the Freemasons. The scale of Freemasonic activity and membership on the Isle of Wight is extraordinary. The island’s sixteen Craft lodges claim 1,500 members. Wight’s entire population is only 110,000 of whom some 40,000 are adult males, so one man in twenty-seven must be a Mason. If we discount unlikely Masonic recruiting material (men under twenty- five, the poor, derelicts and most inmates in Albany and Parkhurst jails) the ratio comes down to one in ten. Most are in business, local government, the police, and the law, so it follows that a very large percentage of all island business goes through Masonic hands. The Isle of Wight is a world within a world. It’s public face is of a lovely holiday island, a quiet backwater off the English coast where nothing much goes on compared with, say, a mainland city. It’s hidden face is a cesspit of corruption, Satanism, and pedophilia of international significance.

The drug-running that goes on here is truly staggering. Drugs are brought in by yachts and boats in apparently amazing quantities and then delivered to the mainland by ‘couriers’ of various kinds who do it for money or drugs, often using the public ferries, including the hovercraft service. The Isle of Wight hovercraft route is one of the sea-crossing services that couriers use to take the drugs landed on the Isle of Wight to the mainland. One person with insider knowledge estimated that drugs worth an astonishing £500 million pass through the Isle of Wight every year and the drug busts that come to light (a fraction of what’s involved) appear to support that figure. Cocaine seems to be the main cargo and drug-of-choice, but if you can sniff it, swallow it or stick it your arm you’ll find it passing through the Isle of Wight. There are properties all over the island that appear to be owned by the people on the legal papers, but in fact are fronts for the Island Mafia to launder drug money. It is the same with many businesses. A group of Isle of Wight lawyers and ‘business people’ have been charged and bailed for money laundering and fraud and local police officers suspended for the same reason, I am told, but hardly a word appeared in the local media.

Corrupt FM, pedobears, cultists and drugs, drugs, drugs. Well, that explains a lot about SoFail fam’s influence there and the ShamWedding doesn’t it? Hooking, pedo crap and drug trafficking are all part of the family business! Hey SoFail, is this what you talked Adam into helping you with for SM fundraising purposes? I kept wondering what was up with all of those yacht clubs on the IoW, the Baleraics, Corsica…

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