I wonder if London Pr could give us an estimate of her companies fees and fees year around. How long the contract is for. So we can estimate the cost for M.




It’s around 800k for 6 months for the PR she was using every 2 weeks, yes every 2 weeks it was clockwork. This may be more now, but the tabs are more than happy to publish once her name was attached to Harry ’s. If she marching, then she has to share the cost which the daily mail is 65k an article. 

Thank you anon 💐💐💐

65K? Damn, so that’s where a lot of SoFail’s hush money has gone…

And the DM is making out like a bandit!

They sure are! London PR Anon said whoever they hype the most foots the bill, their PR. SoFail herself must have blown close to a million quid or more by now but she might as well have flushed that money down the loo.


PS: We heard about that too! Who loaned you money etc.

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