Hi it’s The Brit. MM has worn Givenchey and Dior frequently. They are owned by LVMH Bernard Arnault. Somehow he is connected with all the others associated with SH. I can’t connect the dots, but he is involved and he has the money and meansto be a backer and it just may have something to do with the current EU politics. Just a thought, but it may explain her penchant for wearing French designers. Xx


Hey Brit! 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_Arnault here is the link about him, so I waiting for some Louis Vuitton from Markle. It needs more research to see a Soho Connection. Hey, I would have gone for a Dior gown instead of Givenchy.

Good to hear from you. 💐💐 

I think I read something about him and HW too…

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