Entry Named Harvey Weinstein & Megan (Meghan) Markle!!!


A person who has spent time with the disgraced producer says the producer is having the time of his life reading about an upcoming wedding because he had sex with the bride. Harvey Weinstein/Megan Markle


Is having been with Harvey Weinstein enough to cancel this wedding?  How much more depravity does the RF need in order to deport MM?

OMG, I sure as hell hope so, ewww  I could have sworn NYC said no way with Harvey. 

Thank you anon 

Bwahaha XD! What did I tell y’all? One more more thing that MegIT and SoFail both have in common! Well, aside from ties to the same honey trapping ring…

Entry Named Harvey Weinstein & Megan (Meghan) Markle!!!

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