LOL I remember when RJG threw shade on her LinkedIn and said she was waiting to be approached by Seat to do a car commercial. She is one salty bitch. Obviously a poke at Soapy’s commercial.


Well, since she lost out on the RCG gig to Zero, you can understand why she was so salty.

To be fair HW had already locked SH in for the RCGF role, if anyone was BC’s ‘socialite GF’ it was Kinvara Balfour. RJG forgot to look in the mirror and stick to her damn job. Girl, you a midrange hoe from Podunkton, you weren’t being paid to have HWood dreams…

Entry Named Harvey Weinstein & Megan (Meghan) Markle!!!


A person who has spent time with the disgraced producer says the producer is having the time of his life reading about an upcoming wedding because he had sex with the bride. Harvey Weinstein/Megan Markle


Is having been with Harvey Weinstein enough to cancel this wedding?  How much more depravity does the RF need in order to deport MM?

OMG, I sure as hell hope so, ewww  I could have sworn NYC said no way with Harvey. 

Thank you anon 

Bwahaha XD! What did I tell y’all? One more more thing that MegIT and SoFail both have in common! Well, aside from ties to the same honey trapping ring…

Entry Named Harvey Weinstein & Megan (Meghan) Markle!!!

Harvey Weinstein Gives Names of Hollywood & Washington DC Pedophiles To FBI | World Truth.TV

To think that I was once called a liar, LOL! My contacts told me that something like this would happen and I knew full well that Epstein would rat out the rest of his ilk. Sometimes I wonder if Harvey’s public takedown wasn’t also orchestrated with precisely that purpose in mind…but it gets even better! Will you look at this:

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor is an Academy Award winner. He is beloved, but probably wouldn’t be as much if people knew Harvey supplied the married actor with women Harvey knew would have sex with the actor no questions asked. Colin Firth

What was that? HW didn’t bribe actors with his casting couch castoffs? SH wasn’t one of his girls? Riiiiight. HW pimped women out to CF, BC and many others…


Harvey Weinstein Gives Names of Hollywood & Washington DC Pedophiles To FBI | World Truth.TV