P Anon




It’s a massive leap to think as some seem to think that Wanda was primed to say all this stuff rather than just being a bit of a waffler like her son.

But either by accident or design she’s put out there the idea of  "honourable" B standing by the woman he accidentally made PG it dosen’t detract from the fact that he’s lied about the circumstances for nearly 3 yrs and not only that but embellished that lie numerous times……and that he’s a complete and utter idiot to get himself into that position in the first place.

So he’s lied  numerous times all to basically make himself look better……or for the kids ….who knows ?? Maybe they are trying to make a go of it given the second child…

But if you don’t believe there are any children that means you think B got his mother to lie for him….honourable ????


P Anon, I don’t think I can make it any clearer that I don’t believe Weirdo was ever pregnant.

I also don’t think I can make it any clearer that I believe everything anyone’s ever shared about the Dismals and their imaginary children is to push a narrative.

If you want to talk about honour, let me preface this by saying I don’t think there’s any honour involved when faking (or helping) fake a pregnancy.  I’ve been very vocal about that in the past, and I will keep being vocal as long as I’m dissecting this showmance.

Moving past that, honour is relative and I don’t know whether we should start by discussing a 38 year old man who was willing to employ a red carpet girlfriend to add an Oscar on his mom’s mantelpiece (a quite common practice in Hollywood) or whether we should just move right down to PSIFF and that clutch being dropped on the red carpet in front of dozens of photographers.

Frankly, I think the discussion is a moot one since I know if I were in Ben’s shoes and silly enough to keep Weirdo on the payroll past that moment, I would be ruthless when it came time to unlatch.  And I do mean ruthless.

Agree @annashipper I wish he would turn ruthless and just announce we are divorced. Be done with her once and for all.

How do we know he hasn’t? We haven’t seen Zero in almost 6 months, now have we?

Signs point to that yes but as long as his name is still publicly attached to hers she can still harm him. I don’t think that’s what he or Disney want. Someone is going to have to shoulder the blame and that should be SH. I think it needs to be said that a clean out is simply not possible at this point. That’s what they get for allowing her to run wild…

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