Did I miss something with Cillian Murphy? Didn’t think he had beef with BC


Neither did I. But got a little message to look into him. So I am…

Did Cillian want to be a shoe-in for the Villain in Doctor Strange 2?:

Looks like he may be one in real life. Was that the plan? Were he and Yvonne going to “help” SoFail in exchange for her extracting a big favor from Benedict? If that’s the case? Talk about low. The Rat should give the part to Adrien Brody instead! At least he looks like Nightmare…

You know. BC is so far gone that I wouldnt pass it by him to play some random baby cry recording on his phone. And not because he thought about it but because his masters told him to do it. Pity. Dont expect perfect celebrities. They are all humans. But BC has gone quite far. Wish he would change but it looks like this is it. This is as far as his career will go and from now on it’ll be all downhill. (At least he’ll get the leech off him. No money, no zero)


No money l, no Zero is the truth! And I just cannot fathom how STUPID whoever decided on that baby cry truly is. NONE of their supposed kids is that small of a baby. It was an EPIC FAILURE on a bunch of levels…and will just have more people scratching their heads.

Oh the Rat is not going to be happy about this. They made it very clear that Schrodie was a no-go. Literally one pre-recorded cry in all this time that doesn’t even sound like the right age for any of the Pilos! I also assume that given the sheer size of the Resort there are other guests. Almost 3K a night for 3 months for one cast member is mighty generous of Netflix. As an aside, PR should have pulled this stunt during one of his more informal Twitvids because doing so during a Wordsworth reading for Hay was incredibly unprofessional. BTW SFX can either be played in the background while filming or added after a video is uploaded, I know all about sound editing…

According to sev anons G. Lemmon didn’t mention Ben in that interview on march 23, but asured that KD and familiy left NZ. Maybe KD returned to Auckland to post the Woody pic on april 20. We all don’t know🤷‍♀️. I just wish he’s still alone in NZ bc a long physical separation from Zero would be so good for him.


Oh…on that we agree.

Look, Benedict won’t do shit because he’s a fucking doormat. SoFail’s still churning out nonsensical Tweets and blurbs that only make him look like an even bigger liar and idiot. Forget James, where’s Waldo? In NZ? In the UK/IoW? His response? Here, let me lube up and bend over. Long hair doesn’t make you look gay Benedict, getting publicly fucked in the ass by SoFail the SheMale does. Everyone loved Prince Harry until he started playing the same stupid PR games with the public. Keep it up and you too will burn through what little goodwill you’ve left…

Reading that list of showmance brand endorsements made me a little queasy. No wonder Martin Freeman distanced himself from Benedict. I’m not sure I like what he’s become either.




I don’t mind the endorsements.  He’s not the first celebrity to endorse brands, he won’t be the last.  What I do have a problem with is the fact that his coat tail riders (I’m looking straight at you Baity Joe) have no tact, and it ends up being waaaaaaaaaay too obvious.

At least we still get DressesInTheDarkBatch whenever he’s not trying to prove he’s a real family man whose wife and children are not PR stunts, so there’s that…  ;o)

That is all true. @annashipper. Your nonny has got a point here. I think the same about MF and BC. They are just professional colleagues, but not friends. Martin does not like what has become of BC. It is the opposite of what he believes in.

Sigh. There’s a difference between being a paid spokesperson and being a sneaky spokesperson, though.

Exactly, everyone knows celebs plug stuff but when they try to be overly sneaky about it? It looks like they are trying to fool their audience and it also gives the impression that we only matter as consumers. If your thirsty friends are constantly piggybacking off you as well? You are going to lose a lot of credibility along with respect… 

Weinstein Co. Moves ‘Mary Magdalene’ Back to Easter — and Now Has Just One Oscar Contender



Ballsy:  Looks like Uncle Harvey made his choice.

Buckle up!

So, HW is putting all his money on a lame horse. We know it won’t win and that HW will take it out on BC. HW is like the Donald Trump of the movie biz, a narcissistic manchild, petty and vindictive. BC is done for unless Disney stages a PR and legal intervention. They better get a move on…

Weinstein Co. Moves ‘Mary Magdalene’ Back to Easter — and Now Has Just One Oscar Contender

Image problems…

From this list: http://worldation.com/stories/studios-dont-want-work-list-stars/34/

Well, the part about MF is no lie:

Some of the positive things we’ve heard about BC is that he’s a hard worker who goes above and beyond what is asked of him during filming. He’s got a good sense of humor and is nice…provided he’s in a good mood that day which is a lot less frequent since the ShamWow started. Bad things we’ve heard (including set leaks) BC can also be mingy, neurotic, paranoid, snappy and arrogant. He’s developed a bit of a divatude which I hope, for his sake, is temporary…  

Benedict Cumberbatch May Star In Brexit TV Series



who comes up with this crap?/

I have a theory…

As do I. The source of it is none other than…Newscorp! Publishers of The Times and The Sun but The Guardian has less than flattering things to say about this project. Nigel Farage himself is said to be Executive Producer, connect the dots. So either this is HW stupidly trying to drum up hype for TIFF or Team Soso is at it again…

Benedict Cumberbatch May Star In Brexit TV Series

“he’d feel safer with a pussy-whipped luvvie” is this what you think of BC? I know you didn’t write this, but you reblogged this post and agreed with the person who wrote it. That’s not cool.


No I don’t agree, obviously. But people need to see what this mess is doing to his reputation .

I’ll tell you what isn’t cool Nonny, the fact that a ‘pussy-whipped luvvie’ is precisely the image that PR is putting out there. I know that as a skeptic I am sick to death of it, if the genders were reversed SoFail would have gotten torn to bits by the public. Simply put BC is a man who seems incapable of standing up to and breaking free from a visibly abusive woman with NPD. A man who has let fame go to his head and who has adopted the worst traits of his miserable SO. I believe BC to be better than that but he needs to start showing a backbone. Is that enough of a clarification for you?  

No but think about it. Last week we got the PR disaster of Wilderness with the fake fake-wife. EVERYBODY saw that it wasn’t SoFail. So they go on a PR offensive. This GUY is Marvel, he has a Marvel deal. We get a tweet from him saying the Dismals were in Spain. A known skeptic gets stalked by a Spanish IP the SAME week? Come on, it’s PR 101. It’s damage control.


Could be. Maybe to counter the Daily Mail article?

MM is a freelancer who’s done work for DC, Icon, Image, Marvel and Top Cow comics. MM’s last Marvel adaptation was Logan, he’s banking on adaptations of his own ‘Millarworld’ titles via 20th Century Fox and Netflix for most of his future earnings. The wording and emphasis of the tweet is more in keeping with SoFail’s camp. Implicit racism of the type MM exhibited isn’t Disney’s style either. PR firms like KC rep some big names so asking for a wee favor from someone like MM isn’t that difficult. If they did that it’s a clever way to make it look like it’s from the opposing camp…

Just sayin’.

So what’s the truth?


Hey team Z, you might want to get your stories straight before unleashing your plans.

A 4.5 day ‘vacay’….after which BC was papped eating ice cream back home with some dudebro. SoFail is emphatically referred to as “Mrs. B Cumberbatch” and MM is Scottish so I’m also going with Team Soso for this bit of PR fiction. MM’s also a right twat for suggesting that he’d feel safer with a pussy-whipped luvvie and a career felon than with the native Majorcans. I’ve got Spanish relatives and Mark is a perfect example of the ‘guiris’ we love to hate. Fuck off to Corsica next time so you can get stabbed, thanks.

So what’s the truth?

Ben and Ice Cream – A love for the ages



A lovely closet Skeptic sent me proof that not only Ben was scoffing down ice cream at leafy Hampstead yesterday, but also that Seb had seen a picture of him scoffing down said ice-cream and knew that he wasn’t scoffing down said ice-cream with his wife.

Let’s take this from the start, shall we?

At 01:44 in the morning, the Fail publishes this article, and the closet Skeptic who shall remain anonymous catches a glimpse of it on pressreader.com.  The first article published on the Fail during the night includes a pic of Ben scoffing down ice-cream.  Because… ice-cream:

The write up is the same as the one that the Fail kept on the later ammended article, although Seb or an eagle eyed editor on the Fail must have realised the above picture shows Ben in the company of a brunette man with man hands, that’s wearing men’s clothes, who’s not wearing Weirdo’s engagement and wedding ring, and who’s taller than Ben.

So they take down the pic at 8:48 in the morning:

and replace it with a picture of Ben in Sherlock garb, but keep the write-up from Seb the same:

Because … as we’ve already established… Seb is a believer (LINK).

By the way, we know that Seb had seen the pic that would accompany the article, because he mentioned Ben’s baseball cap and sunglasses, as well as the blue shirt.  The fact that he also mentioned black jeans tells me the pic might be a full body one.

I’d just like to know why the Fail paid for the rights to a papped pic but chose to forego using it in favour of using one of Ben dressed as Sherlock.  Was it because they’re pushing a certain narrative?  If so, who dictates what the narrative Seb is pushing will be?

A great big THANK YOU to the wonderful closet Skeptic who had the forethought to screencap from pressreader.com!

First things first:


Oh. My. God! This is hilarious! Hahaaa! They took down that very tightly cropped picture, did they? Hahaaa! Well, it didn’t really match the text anyway. Now we have a pretty picture of Sherlock instead!

P.S.: I kinda know what they meant about ‘scoffing’

P.S.2: What the hell is this mess again, PR???

Look at it this way, if The Sun and The Fail can fuck with Prince Harry by printing outright lies on behalf of MegIT Sparkle? BC doesn’t stand a chance. Why do you think I strongly suspect London PR firm Kruger Cowne of abetting both famehoes? They seem to have a special partnership with those rags…

dailymail(.)co(.)uk/femail/article-4787644/Once-skinny-Trinny-long-way-buttoned-up. Hi Anna, don’t know if you’ve seen this and don’t know if you care, but what do you think of this write up by the mail? Pushing the family narrative again?







Hi Nonny and thank you for the LINK!  I care! A LOT!   😀

So… PR has now replaced baity unverified twitter sightings with baity unverified Fail sightings.  And the Fail, being the beacon of hard hitting journalism that it is, actually went ahead and published.  COOL!

I have questions.  So many questions:

  • Did Seb run into the Dismals himself and they refused to take a selfie with him, or did someone call this in?
  • Was it uncle Harvey?
  • Was it Karon?
  • Was it Weirdo?
  • Was it Ben?
  • Why are there no twitter sightings, no facebook sightings, no instagram sightings (no linkedin sightings even) of Ben and Weirdo walking through leafy Hampstead enjoying their ice creams?  Was Seb the only one that saw them?  Does this mean he’s one of the few true believers?
  • Were there Trees Of Proofiness™?  Or at least Leafs Of Proofiness™?   This was in “leafy Hampstead Heath” after all.
  • Was there a tandem bike involved, or was it just tandem-bike-less ice cream scoffing?  I’m asking for a friend.  Her name is Ballsy. 
  • Isn’t Seb aware of the fact that Ben is not self-styled anymore?  Did he miss the coverage of Baity Joe’s store opening from the Fail four months ago?  LINK
  • Does the lack of pictures mean PR have finally realised Weirdo can’t be trusted not to smile straight at the paparazzi during pap walks?
  • Does the lack of pictures mean Weirdo is on holidays and couldn’t be bothered to fly into the UK for crystal clear sneaky pics at the festival or a pap walk in leafy Hampstead?
  • Does PR not realise this sighting on the Fail would be a great opportunity for them to leak at least one clear picture of Weirdo at the Wilderness Festival?
  • Couldn’t Weirdo get a new pair of sandals to sell?  
  • Why weren’t any of the pillows with Ben and Weirdo at leafy Hampstead
  • Doesn’t Pilo deserve ice cream?  
  • Doesn’t Pilo 2.0 deserve sunlight?

And of course that brings me to a whole other list of questions which I’m not gonna ask.  Instead, I’ll draw a parallel and allow everyone to come up with their own questions.  

According to the Fail, Pilo 2.0 was born on March 3rd.  That makes him 5 months and 11 days old.  By the time Pilo was 5 months old, we’d already had:

  1. A “sneaky” pic of Ben pushing a hermetically sealed pram through leafy Hampstead on Father’s Day (when Pilo was 21 days old)
  2. A pap walk on Pilo’s christening (when Pilo was 3 months 13 days old)
  3. A pap walk through leafy Hampstead of Ben and Weirdo running errands with Pilo (when Pilo was 3 months and 18 days old)

Dearest Intern, tell Karon to tell Ben to tell whoever is coming up with ideas to prove Pilo 2.0 is real that they’re slacking.  

Also, thank Seb for starting my day off with a giggle!   😀

Ballsy:   I
thoroughly refuse to stop pouting until I finally get pics of the Dismals +
Pilos riding a tandem-bike with ice-creams.  The bike sightings without pics from Atlanta =
pouting.   Ice-cream eating reports from
the Daily Fail – with a full description of Ben’s attire, without a full
description of So-Fail’s fugly shoes she’s shilling this week – again without
pics = pouting.

At this point I will
accept nothing less than a 2 page spread in Vogue of the Dismals + Pilos on a
tandem-bike, all tucking into individual tiny Häagen-Dazs ice-creams, with
every item of clothing worn by all listed by Designer, including the name of
the Bike manufacturer.   There also needs
to be at least 4 trees of proofiness.

I will remain pouting
until that happens.  Chop to it PR!


Now wouldn’t that be a sight!? Aww, how all these tender moments remain hidden from us even after 3 years…aww.

Hahahaha. Not even lunch break yet over here and I am giggling already……..:-D That is so funny.

eww, the royals of oddities

We asked for ice-cream and the Fail delivered an unverified sighting sent in by someone on either PR team. A shame they didn’t plug some shop! Judging from the BI reveal and birth info fuckery? I suspect it was Team Soso. 2 out of the 3 flat out make BC look bad, this latest blurb makes it harder for the Rat to pry her off of him. I wonder if he has to pay her every time she gets her name printed next to his? Probably…

Anon submit


(please post anon) yeah, but lets remember, didn’t BC grandparents have a lot of money? didn’t they pay all those pounds for his education? even if he paid them back, its not like he had to pay back some back at huge interest. even if he went on to pay for his education, home etc, thats pretty easy when eventually youre making millions and can be debt free before 40. i don’t know what a “golden crib” is, but this man has had basically every advantage in life handed to him, one way or another.


I think his dad’s parents had money, nonny. But this change doesn’t sound like something Benedict would do. If it was, we’d have seen it all along. I smell fuckery…Zero fuckery. I think your reaction is exactly what she was going for, too. It just shows how desperate she and her cronies have become.

What.A.Surprise. This has SoFail’s hoofprints all over it. First she tried using a BI to repair her rep while belittling BC’s perfomance in Hamlet. Now her people are trying to make him out to be a posh wanker…yo Disney/Marvel PR: 


Anon submit


Maybe with her having less and less – if any – control of the narrative now, maybe she was told that she had to be there and was told what she was required to do, and she refused to cooperate or show up figuring she would get the upper hand by throwing off the plans. However they then one upped her by getting a doppelganger who acted like they’ve been expecting her to but she always fails at. So now IF there’s another outing either she’s going to have to be all doting, supportive and loving, like the doppelganger was or if she doesn’t she’s going to look like the bad guy (to the general public) in the end of this, and reveal to us that she truly wasn’t at the festival. 

Just my crazy guess, but I wonder if she’s being more and more uncooperative and they are finding ways to deal with it rather than giving into it.

I could totally get behind this theory, except for two things:

1. When has Zero EVER turned down a chance to be in the spotlight? Especially at a Letters Live event?

2. If they had a stand in and did it to spite her and/or without her approval…wouldn’t she have lashed out somehow by now? That’s what is making me think she’s “out of the way” somehow. But if you are right? Good for Marvel/Disney. They should take control and not allow her to mess with the narrative, while they set up the out.

Fame was first and foremost on her her mind when she signed up for HW’s RCGF gig while money was a close second. She’s failed miserably at obtaining the former, she’s only managed to drag BC’s reputation down with her shady dealings and narc antics. FFS look at her friends! They are a study in dishonesty, nepotism and racism. Don’t get me started on her backers…SH did manage to shake a good amount out of her mark but again not what she hoped for either. If a standin was used there is no doubt in my mind that she was contained somehow. But this is at best a short-term solution because we know that her Team is still hard at work pushing her agenda (and theirs). The bottom line is that the whole tainted ShamWow narrative needs to end, for BC’s sake.  

Great! That just leaves fraud, blackmail, conspiracy, prostitution, money-laundering, drug-related offences…The sources never said she was directly involved in human trafficking btw, only that some of her associates were. Under certain circumstances that still makes you an accomplice. Furthermore money laundering is generally done through larger organizations hence the PP… 

The people working for this foreign born A- list mostly television actor who
everyone thinks is gorgeous have been working overtime to find and delete
images of his girlfriend from various escort and “modeling” sites where her
services were offered to very wealthy men. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie
(revealed on

So, the paps are trying their best, but have failed to figure it out so two
tabloid reporters have been assigned to follow this newly married couple with
the A list movie/television actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee as the
groom. Apparently there is a man that has been spotted several times with the
wife, but for only brief moments. The paps have seen the man and have photos of
him, but have none of him with the wife because she comes out of nowhere, they
don’t meet in public and the meetings are usually under two minutes. The best
they have got is a fuzzy shot through some dark windows a couple of times. The
tabloid reporters have been trying to buy security footage from the places, but
either have not had luck or there is nothing good on the video. Is he the
lover? A blackmailer? He is definitely out of place. Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter(revealed by Enty on 5/3/2015)

It’s really interesting that this foreign born A list movie/television actor
has only been married a short time and already changed his will and had a trust
drafted that only needs a signature when the child is born. His wife is the one
who made the appointments and got him to sign everything. She says she just
wants to be protected. I can understand that, but she was talking to lawyers
the same day they got married about getting the documents to her. I wonder if
he was scared on his honeymoon. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter(RED – revealed
by Enty on 5/9/2015)

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#11**
This is quite the quadrangle that is causing all kinds of tension and drama. It
affects multiple relationships and a hit show too. The first person (JK) in the
quadrangle is an actor who is A- list. He has been in some of the biggest
movies of all time. He also has the unique way of being at the right place at
the right time. He was an original in a television show. Not the one who made
it famous but the one who made the role what it was. Versatile. Just check out
his acting when he co-stars with the comic actor who takes up all the space on
film and how in a quirky comedy/drama movie his crazy part was handled with
just the right amount of seriousness while doing something ridiculous. Now JK
has found his way into a hit show. A very hit show. It has resulted in lots of
problems with the home life and at work. JK isn’t married, but he might as well
be. A very long term relationship with a woman (JF) that has also resulted in
kid(s). Because JK is not around as much as perhaps he should be, JF has been
meeting other people, most of them online. She met one person who is a fan of
JK and the next thing you know she is being emotionally and physically
blackmailed and doing things she didn’t really want to do or plan on doing with
the man. Speaking of blackmail, then you have EB. EB is a star. Foreign born as
with the rest of the people in this blind. EB is being blackmailed. JK and JF
know about the blackmail which is why they were a noticeable no show at a very
big event involving EB. They think he should take a stand. I know, I know, but
you have to remember that JK doesn’t know about the blackmailing of JF or he
might be more understanding. This no show has caused a huge rift between EB and
JK who used to be the best of friends. EB’s significant other has also been
isolating EB and loves that JK and EB have had this falling out. It makes her
job so much easier to not have prying ears and eyes and third party voices
chiming in.
JK: Martin Freeman
Movies: “The Hobbit” franchise
Original in television role: “The Office” (co-starred with Ricky Gervais)
Quirky role: John, a porn body double in “Love Actually” or as Lester Nygaard
in “Fargo”
Very hit show: “Sherlock”
JF: Amanda Abbington (2 children)
EB: Benedict Cumberbatch
(Sophie Hunter is blackmailing Benedict)
Martin and his wife didn’t attend Benedict and Sophie’s
(Revealed by Enty on 11/25/2016)

The wife of this foreign born A list dual (not for long) threat actor has one
story about how she met her husband. She always forgets the part about her
doing lines of coke when they were first introduced. 

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#1**
Want to know how the wife of this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who
now has a superhero franchise laundered her escort and hush money? Through the
same system of banks that exposed several other foreign born entertainers.
Benedict Cumberbatch (“Dr. Stephen Strange”)/Sophie Hunter (“The Panama


How do you end a BAD FAUXMANCE in Hollywood?



This is from a Hollywood lawyer who is a friend and business associate of mine.

“He was probably headed out for a bike ride with his dog. Stewart calls him. (Another photo op maybe?) That is the last straw. Rob shows up at her door and demands all the shit she wears that fans claim are Rob’s. Everything she has stolen, dumpster dived, and displayed. It took a whole hour to bag that stuff.

She threw the dog in for good measure. (Thank God they did not bag him.) Yes, he was used as a prop as well. Maybe that night he and his friends along with female companions may have had a PROP burning party and Sten was not invited. Just like Rob’s Birthday.”