Behind the scenes



After seeing last nights charade know I need to speak out.
Ben has been a nightmare on set ever since we (Hollow Crown) did 2 weeks filming in Derbyshire.
THIS is where he was when he announced his engagement. Up until then, he was happy with his girlfriend (a local actress) who although not…

It’s my understanding that the engagement ad would have been placed the day before. So maybe BC tried to convince his real gf to go along with the HW PR setup with SH but she wasn’t ok with that. Or maybe he was playing her the whole time and when SH was outed by the press she confronted him about it. Perhaps BC has been juggling multiple women and that’s why he is so secretive about his personal life. He didn’t want them to find out about one another! If he didn’t have anything to hide he would have been more open about who he was dating, as he was with OP and AJ. The plot thickens…

Reblogging because more than one party seems to be inordinately interested in this post. I wonder why…

Behind the scenes

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