Yeah. Ben Definitely has an nan stalker. Her entire timeline is Hamspstead heath. I’d keep an eye out for her if I were him. Actually, I’d file a police order


Just glad that Droopy is with him.

You know what I’d like to know? Who the fuck tells them where BC is? I mean they’re tracking him down at the Almeida and when he’s filming low key productions like TCiT! Is an insider leaking to Team SoSo? Sure seems like it. How is this information getting to plants like IAmCry? Ben, you really need to watch it with some of those “friends” of yours and take David AKA Droopy with you everywhere. IMO the stalkerinas are more of an annoyance than an outright threat but we know who is. I’ve been told that some of the people SoFail’s running with are dangerous. Remember their “If he doesn’t do what SH says it’ll be curtains for him.” comment? I sure do…y’all need to protect your superhero Disney!

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