someone needs to find themselves something better to do rather than spout disgusting BS on the internet, calling strangers slags and drug addicts. you and your followers and mutuals think youre in the know?? really? have you even spoken to BC and asked him about all this? or will you just read his mind from stupid blurry photos and blame ‘lady voldemort’ for your made up fairytale of blackmail? grow up darling, nothings going to change, its fucking moronic so just stop blogging.

How thoughtful of you to reach out to skeptics via Tumblr instead of using proxy numbers to call us. Send my regards to your numerous “boyfriends” btw! Such an ill-worded Ask surely demands to be answered so I shall oblige you:

“…calling strangers slags and drug addicts…”

Well, you are strange and not in a good way. But more importantly? You’re not exactly discreet which is a must in certain…professions. Some of your former co-workers outed you and you were already doing lines when you first met your current mark…

“You and your followers and mutuals think you’re in the know?? Really?” 

We are. That’s all I’m telling you. Stop fishing for information ;).

“…will you just read his mind from stupid blurry photos”

WTF is that even supposed to mean? Those photos were clear enough and if anyone was stupid it was you for taking your “date” on a romantic tour of the National Theater. This:

Is you with someone who is not BC. The horrid taste in clothing, bag, comped shoes, weak-chinned profile and trademark tooth-sucking…is all there. Next

“…fairytale of blackmail? Grow up darling, nothing’s going to change, it’s fucking moronic so just stop blogging.” 

Fairytale? More like British Horror Story and hush money = blackmail. As I said before, no one gets between the likes of Disney etc. and their bottom line. Remember that next time you try to pull another one of your idiotic stunts. That includes the P2P tab hackpieces and FB/IG/Twitter BS you are so fond of. An adult is entirely self-sufficient, which I am. By that same definition you aren’t one, seeing as how you sponge off of others. I’ll tell you what’s moronic, trying to bully and censor skeptics…haven’t you learned anything?

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