“Although I’m hearing now they may just let the chips fall where they may and spin, spin, spin.”

I’m sorry, but this is total BS.  If they can’t get Zero under control then they just need to go straight to the police and get her arrested.  You can’t let a narc come out with her story first because then everyone she accuses will be on the defensive.  If they think there is even the slightest chance of her pulling some sort of shit, I say just BURY HER NOW.  Have the police quietly arrest her, no announcement.  I’m sure Zero won’t want the whole world knowing what she pulled.  And a few days in cold jail cell will enlighten her to her true situation.  Her nasty, skanky friends will abandon her at the drop of a hat if the police show up and start implying they were accomplices. Make them think their sorry asses will end up in jail right beside their dear old friend.

You’re right Gator, I don’t see how this will end quietly.  But at least when it does end BC will come out of it in better shape than Zero.  

Sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war.  Stand up and take the hit.  It’s almost inevitable at this point.  Yes, it will be painful.  But the sooner he takes steps to end this wretched trainwreck the sooner it will be over and BC will get his life back.  That’s what’s really important.

Come on PR/Disney, show us what corporate badasses you really are and do your job.

Fancy losing tens of millions more? How about another dry award season run? Well that’s exactly what Disney and HW can look forward to if they don’t remove the root of the problem: SH. You are letting a narcissistic, drugged-up slag run the show and sabotage your business plans…


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