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Interesting it’s the same trash can but George swerved around it. Hmmm


The real Royals will at the BAFTAs. Kiaser isn’t often right on things, but on this yes, Kate will overshadow everyone else.


Also this has popped up with Benedict’s name tagged. This is the quote used:

Back to Twitter: last year Morven tweeted a link to an interview with Benedict Cumberbatch where he claimed that having a child doesn’t negatively affect your career. (‘Relax girls,’ Morven drily noted.) ‘What a clanger!’ she exclaims. ‘He could’ve commended his wife for the fact that her childcare supports his ability to work but he didn’t mention it. I thought, “Oh, mate!” He also said children are inspirations not hindrances. Hang on a minute! Nobody is saying their children are hindrances, they’re saying, “This affects my career.”’

Someone need to control his press releases better because that was from a print interview I believe. Also here is where him having OFFICIAL social media would come in handy. A simple statement that the line was taken out of context and a clearer statement would be good in this case. A full press statement would be too much but a short social media statement via Facebook or Twitter with a link to the original article would suffice. An intern could even do that.

Oh great. Yeah, Benedict, once you learn who you can trust and who you cannot, you might want to get an “official” social media account. You wouldn’t have to run it all by yourself. You could have Emily or someone else actually run it. It would just be a better way to get the news you WANT out there in the WAY you want. You would tell them what you want said and give the ok before they post it, and DONE. Easy peasy and professional.

Perfect timing eh? What, with the Notmybb 2.0 narrative moving forward and all. We all know who has a direct line to the Fail. Morven obviously doesn’t know that SH is non-maternal in the most literal sense nor that BC hires a nanny to take care of the loaner. Furthermore she happily ignores that BC is the one footing the bill for this entire shitshow. In the meantime SH is carrying on with her life much like she did in NYC, IYKWIM.

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