St. Pancreatitis Papwalk – UPDATED


So very saccharine with that bright blue baby gift box in plain sight. Could you be any more obvious Ben? We weren’t given an official story this time around so it’s a matter of filling in the blanks. Now that I have more information I have a much better idea of what went on. The first interview tweet was from from 6:22 AM, then one at 7:57 AM and another at 9:04 AM. Sunrise that day was around 7:49 AM, that fits in with the photo Richard Arnold tweeted. Marvel/Disney press junkets are lengthy affairs even for DVD releases, SW:RO was a half-day long. So let’s say it ran from 6-10/11, it was still light outside by the time it finished because sunset on that day occurred around 4:48 PM. In the photos it looks dark outside which coincides with BC/KM’s early morning arrival. But if they were arriving why would BC be carrying the aforementioned box into the junket? That makes no sense, unless it was a gift for someone else or it was purposely staged. The fact that the photos were released 3 days later with the wrong date makes me think it was the latter. “Why Karon you shouldn’t have!” *FLASH* Monkey business indeed >_>… 

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