Your industry feeds off of this mass delusion doesn’t it Scott? It fosters the illusion that celebrities and their handlers see consumers as fellow human beings. They don’t, they see people like stannies as a necessary annoyance. The sad truth is that most become thoroughly dishonest and self-serving as fame corrupts them. The media conglomerates they work for deliberately manipulate the perceptions and emotions of the public. They even create false “life narratives” (like the ShamWow) to generate buzz around their manufactured stars. Of course in BC’s case it didn’t work out as intended because they chose a disreputable and mentally unstable person as his fauxmance co-star. The relationship between BC’s fans and their hard earned money is, on the otherhand, quite real. No one likes being lied to and the public is getting wise to PR parlour tricks. Remember Einstein’s definition of insanity? It’s doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So my advice to everyone involved in this debacle is to change the script. If you don’t want criticism then it’s better to limit exposure…then again that goes against the very purpose of such arrangements! 

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