Is aeltri okay? She hasn’t posted for days & her last post was about “the Stars calling me back to where I belong” or some worrying shit. I sent her an ask to let her know about a parody twitter account days ago and she never responded. I hope she’s okay. Her sense os humour is missed.


She’s not okay. I just posted a bit about it in my tea post. But, another skeptic was able to talk to her dad, who said she was physically fine and they would keep an eye on her. But, for now, she’s no longer on Social Media.

Having a dying family member in the hospital does not help. No one asked how I was, they simply asked if they could talk to me which is an altogether different thing. I don’t appreciate having my sanity questioned when I have been a very real victim of 5 years of cyberstalking and harassment by Team Soso. I have the proof Cunter, we received word that you and your little friends had contracted trollfarms to do your dirty work. I was even able to doxx one of the P2P trolls who outed himself on Twatter so don’t pretend like this hasn’t been happening. Excons from Florida and collect calls from Riverside County Jail too? Are you fucking kidding me? Thanks to her I wake up to an Inbox full of hate, threats and other assorted nonsense. I already explained that SoFail and some twink friend of hers called me multiple times via Skype in late August of 2016. This marked the beginning of a cyberbullying campaign that continues to this very day. I’ve gotten Anons that are obviously PR plants as well as IMs from randos asking me about some very specific things. I do think a few are legitimate because they’ve furnished evidence that no outsider would have access to. That said, there has been a sudden uptick of new Tumblrs IMing me but just because I’m open to communication doesn’t mean I believe everything they tell me. Sometimes you play along to figure out what they’re really up to, so try as some might I haven’t been “catfished”.

We do know that members of both Team BC and Team Soso lurk on SM, Tumblr included *waves to the interns*. Look at Maggot’s Sugars and the rest of her toxic PR machine, this is no different. I will get into what happened this past Thursday on the James Corden show that really took the cake. A few hours prior to Benedict’s interview that happened at 5PM PST I posted this video, a standup comedy routine about Marvel VS DC superheroes. I thought it was relevant considering that Zack Snyder’s Cut of Justice League was releasing at midnight on the same day. You know to compete with Marvel’s offerings since DC doesn’t really have anything new. It had nothing to do with Doctor Strange much less Benedict himself but someone convinced him that the last 30 seconds or so of the comedy routine was about him. Wow, I don’t know what to say because that’s some selective hearing m8. It was a generic joke about Green Lantern’s ring giving him power while a wedding ring took it all away and bad wives being like kryptonite. Iglesias himself went through a messy divorce so that explains his bitterness towards marriage in general. So instead of being a paranoid jerk who reads between the lines maybe Benedict should ask himself why what Iglesias said bothered him so much that he found it necessary to get back at me in front of 1.5 million people. I’m flattered that you care enough about my humble opinion to pick at straws like that. Maybe instead of being outraged at imagined slights you should practice what you preach. You said you hate bullies, I seem to recall that your Agent at CVGG told you about the doxxing and bullying of Skeptics by Team Soso and the Antis. Instead of manning up by addressing this serious problem, you’ve allowed it to continue and have even begun engaging in it yourself? Shame on you, Benedict 😠.

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