Yeah, how quickly he forgets that Dubya’s pal Obama (and by extension Biden) kept Slahi locked up for 7 more years after he was acquitted. Whatever was David Birkin doing working at GITMO then, Benedict? Did he sip Mojitos in between making courtroom sketches and torturing prisoners himself? Something tells me that he’s been involved in the very activities that he’s “denounced”. I mean, it’s very much in keeping with his own duplicitous Intel background. Both he and his dear cousin SoFail are sadistic in the extreme. GITMO was expanded under the last Admin but I disagree that it can’t be put to good use. It should be reserved exclusively for the LT imprisonment of the absolute worst high-profile criminals. People like Ghislaine Maxwell who are both a flight and security risk for example…

In terms of humanitarian concerns, your pleas and ours will fall on deaf ears. Neither Sleepy nor his Handlers give a flying fuck about human rights. Look at the border crisis that he’s caused for crying out loud! Years ago, a Mexican friend agreed to help a cousin of his cross over the desert. She hurt her ankle and he didn’t want to leave her side to go ask for help. Weeks later Border Patrol found what was left of their bodies. You are wrong to assume that I don’t care simply because my POV is more conservative than yours. Remember Couch?

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