Look at you, photoshopping that picture of Patrick and Gemma’s wedding cake like the mature, well-adjusted grown woman you are. You are one sad, lonely, pathetic bitch aren’t you?

Look at yourself, you vapid narcissistic cunt. So starved for validation that you parasitize celebrities or indeed anyone with one iota of talent because you don’t have any. Burning thousands on mindless puff pieces to disguise the fact that you are bottom-feeding worms. Why are you mad? Don’t hate me because I know how to use Photoshop while you are stuck paying Gambles to do a shitty job! I simply added a cake topper and the ambulance mentioned in the Fail so that it fits your stupid narrative. That’s no “wedding cake” either, it’s a commemorative cake for the Orleans House Trust courtesy of that bakery that three parties decided to use for publicity. Why would it be on display at the wedding venue if the reception was at a hotel? Silver is bright and reflective but you certainly aren’t! Then there’s the fact that it was actually posted weeks after the event…


PS: Twelve days is more than one week, you idiot. You would have saved yourselves the embarrassment if a server hadn’t Tweeted about a reception at an even earlier date! 

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