I saw an Anon ask on Gator’s page about whats-her-face stalking Ben to get into Hay Fest. Care to elaborate?

Long story short. We heard that Harvey Weinstein hired SoFail as BC’s potential RCGF around March-April of 2014. We even saw her initial booking fee which was around 30K IIRC. Apparently Harvey intended the French Open PR outing as a soft launch for the fauxmance, to see if it worked. Except that the Cunters began circling Benedict prior to that which should tell you that they had ulterior motives. SoFail was not supposed to perform alongside Benedict and Loo at the Hay Festival, her father Charles Hunter had to pull strings via the Groucho Club to get her in. “Charlie” helped SoFail get closer to their intended prey so that she could study him which explains her creepy stalking behavior. She then extended an invitation to Benedict to attend her Uncle Julius Drake’s piano recital at Hay. I can assure you that it wasn’t out of kindness because both Julius and her Aunt Belinda managed to tag along to the French Open shortly thereafter. Bunch of leeches…    

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