Saying Sophie has NPD and BPD without proof is just sad. No one is believing you about Sophie having these health issues. Also saying she is a criminal is just bulls*it. I am not surpised her team are after you to he honest, you deserve it.

Did that 16 year old blogger and her 12 year old sister also “deserve it”? We are talking about the harassment of minors including death threats at all hours, at their home and at school. That’s Team Soso’s MO and it’s unjustifiable because they are criminals that try to silence anyone who exposes them. SoFail’s insanity is hardly “without proof” either, not only does her outrageous behavior at Marvel Studios bear it out but the deets about her diagnosis came from corporate sources. That POS malignant narcissist is still trying to deflect but no one save the idiot Nans believes the crap she spews. SoFail’s credibility is non-existent, she’s gotten caught telling lie after lie for years

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