You know, I’m pretty sure the writer of that book based the unstable American fan after you. Because that’s what you are, a crazy, scary, unstable, delusional woman. We all know that when you’re diagnosing Sophie with all those mental health issues, you’re really describing yourself.

You know, this projection in the face of irrefutable evidence is tiresome. SoFail was formally diagnosed with NPD and BPD by shrinks. You can rest assured that the Rat has all of the receipts too. I mean, if we know…FYI I wouldn’t be allowed to work with genuinely crazy people in any clinical capacity if I was mentally and/or emotionally unstable myself. SoFail told Marvel Studios staff that she went to places, met people and did things that she didn’t! She even accused them of offering her work and later denying it. Those weren’t just lies but delusions because when they contradicted her she became hysterical! BTW, you may want to go back and read that novel. Kristin was a Heinz 57, upper-middle class frau who lived off of her divorce settlement after a failed marriage to some office manager. She was also a horribly insecure stalkerina and starfucker. I’m a single WOC who is nearly a decade younger, who works in linguistics and pays her own bills. I criticize everybody, especially celebrities and hook-ups are not my thing. I have relatives in the UK yet I never went to see any of Benedict’s live performances like Hamlet or Letters Live. Yeah, Kristin and I are virtually twins! STFU, seriously. I know I never did this creepy shit:


I may seem scary smart but I’m hardly the virago that SoFail’s made me out to be. Y’all are just mad because I blew another one of your dumb schemes wide open!

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