Pretty sure Melosyna is one of your sources. And it just sounds like an (alleged) lover scorn, nothing nefarious. Still juicy and worth a read. Good way to out another Hollywood player. Why doesn’t she or you dump all the details to somewhere like TMZ.

Nice try but we know who our sources are and she is definitely not one of them. It is important to remember that Benedict and SoFail are in a fauxmance so they are, for all intents and purposes, single. “Alleged” because it looks like (Kristin) Melosyna could be running a P2P LARP to muddy the PR waters by parroting us. One clue (among many) is in the book ‘Dream Sequence’, the main female character is a divorced stan in her late 40’s named Kristin. It is interesting to note that neither she nor Benedict’s stand-in are described in flattering terms. That alone should tell you who it was commissioned by 😏…

PS: ‘The Harpy’ by Megan Hunter is another example of this. They sure love those false narratives but aren’t terribly clever about it. When I called SoFail an “emasculating harpy” I didn’t mean it as a compliment 🤣!

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