Hey Troll

Who’s the bonafide psycho bitch with multiple Cluster B EBDs including NPD and BPD? Little Miss Ratched herself. Don’t believe me? Ask Benedict’s Marvel peeps, even they called SoFail a nutcase and a “real pill”. You care about his safety? LMFAO! SoFail’s the one who’s tried to bump him off at least twice. Why? Because she’s a psychopath and had the most to gain. Unlike SoFail neither Gator or myself have a psychiatric and/or criminal record. I have an excellent reputation at prestigious institutions that wouldn’t give that slag the time of day. In fact? They’d call Security on her. I’ve worked black-tie events and conferences alongside billionaires dumbass, we professional BAs know how to behave. Which is more than I can say for that two-legged sow! Audience members complained that SoFail whooped like an animal at Letters Live when then PM David Cameron was in attendance. She always comes up with hare-brained schemes and then tries to deny everything. Just give it up already, she’s indefensible and she’s probably not going to pay you either.

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