Who is this Kristin Melosyna chick on YouTube and twitter. She sounds like you. Is she your friend or one of your sources or your competition? Do you think Benedict has been leading her along for six years?

We share the same birthday but that’s it. Her Tweets etc seem rather typical of NPD and SRA survivor bloggers like Unwelcome Ozian. I’m not one so the topics I cover are more varied. For the record no one has been leading anyone on, some people just tell it like it is. I am professionally trained to notice and report abuse BTW so you can take your two-bit reverse psychology and shove it. Don’t you understand that these lame stunts won’t get you anywhere with me? What’s the matter? Are you upset because the income stream from your con job is drying up? Your poor wifey stuck doing glamour porn and giving bartending lessons via IG? Money must be tight with a new kid and all but that’s too fucking bad 🤷. I know you really hate being called out on the horrible things that we know y’all do to your marks…

PS: Good luck landing a contract after shit talking Beyonce. You and SoFail just cannot stop burning bridges everywhere you go 🤣!

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