You say Sophie is abusing Ben? All right, prove it then. And by proof I don’t mean anon asks or stuff you found on anonymous forums. Come on, if the evidence is so overwhelming it shouldn’t be too hard. And if you’re so worried about him, why haven’t you contacted the police? You can repeat your lies all you want, they won’t become true. Ben will never leave his wife for you, try and get that in your thick empty skull.

Hey troll, I’m not outing our sources and we’ve already posted visual evidence of her misbehavior dozens of times. The proof is there, take it or leave it. Now get this through your empty drug-addled heads: You don’t own Benedict and he isn’t alone. If he decides to break free of your abuse there is nothing that any of you will able to do to stop him. He can never leave because you say so? You wish! He can and not because of what I say but because it is his right. Let me also remind you that if you even try to take any retaliatory actions against him the Rat will use the dossier they’ve compiled on you to protect their asset. We were told that what it contains is devastating enough to end you all. For starters? SoFail would be ripped to shreds in the media and blackballed everywhere. They were very specific and that’s without taking the authorities into account…

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