You know what your biggest mistake is? Assuming everyone is as stupid as you are. We all know you send those Marvel set “leaks”. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. You’ve been making accusations about Sophie and her family for years. But not once have you been able to provide any credible evidence to back your claims. Give it up Adriana, we all know you’re a compulsive liar.

Uhm, no. Don’t believe me? Ask Gator. I haven’t sent any BIs into Enty either but the Rat sure has! BTW we received a heads up from inside sources months prior to the first leak but nice try!

You’ve made the mistake of thinking that the Rat and other interested parties haven’t been keeping tabs of everything you fucking idiots have been doing. Wrong and that big mistake is going to cost you. Y’all aren’t exactly subtle about your illicit activities you know. To answer your latest question? They have, you’d be surprised at what else I know but I’m hardly the only one in the loop…

PS: You remembered my name? I’m touched 🤗.

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