Lmao your post on Twickenham is *hilarious*. I literally live in Twickenham, and I have no idea where you’re from but this is an affluent, middle-class area, and the part where that wedding was hosted is a pretty local park. The riverside walk between Twickenham and Richmond is picturesque, and not dangerous in the slightest, it’s literally just families and dogwalkers. Houses round here can go for a million. Do your research lol, you don’t know London.

Give it a rest @cinnamongirl40, I know it’s you. How much are the Cunters offering you? That friend from Chiswick certainly knows London better than you do and you are conveniently forgetting about the rest of Twickenham. Turns out that spinning a ridiculous yarn and using an A-Lister’s name to prop up a bunch of parched non-entities was a bad idea. Hey Patrick, how’s the organ trafficking business going BTW? Do you think we haven’t figured you out yet? Sex, drugs, kids, body parts…is there anything y’all don’t traffic? Did you get reported to the NHS for that ambulance stunt? Even lying about such things is a no-no during a pandemic…

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