Jersey Troll

No, I’m reminded of how low that parasitic family will stoop. Half of them could end up in jail according to what our sources have on them. Happiness is impossible with a malignant narcissist because they are toxic, you simpleton. Being alone is far preferable to the absolute hell a Cluster B nutcase will put you through. This is all made worse when you are in a PR arrangement with them even though this contract in particular isn’t legally sound. Furthermore, SoFail’s a career felon with direct ties to known traffickers like Epstein and Jenkins. That alone makes her a huge liability. You know absolutely nothing about the other parties involved or the circumstances. If you did you wouldn’t keep sending me stupid Asks…


We’re not going anywhere, so stay mad ¯_(ツ)_/¯. I recognize you BTW, who or what are you going to pretend to be this week? Pathetic.

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