I find the tone a bit racist

Long term Cumberbatch fan here! Not an official follower but felt the need to say something: I noticed that for all your BLM/support of black culture posturing I find the dismissal of the idea BC could be seen with a WOC/Black woman a little bit telling of your character. Not calling you a “Karen” by any means (not even a Karen like his hopefully put out PR helper Karen) but it seems like you’re comfortable maintaining an image of whiteness about this situation that’s suits your fangirl narrative/perceptions of celebrities. I get it: If more white male celebrities were open about who they are and their preferences you white women wouldn’t have much left to fake debate and fawn over. My point is when it comes to celebrity love lives and the conversation about them, it always ends up being “too white” for me. I hope whoever is cast as Clea is black just to rub it your faces. Mainly SH’s and yours._========

What are you talking about? I hope Clea is a person of color. I’ve never had a problem with non White people being cast in roles. I love Naomie Harris. I want Idris for Bond. I think Benedict needs more People of Color in his personal life. So I am REALLY confused about where you are getting this nonsense.

In his defense, Benedict befriended NA actress Misty Upham while working on Osage: August County. He picked the script for ‘A Little Favour’ for his first SM short film. It was written by a black screenwriter and he cast two black actors in lead roles. Benedict also wouldn’t have stanned Lupita N’yongo as hard as he did when she won an Oscar if he was racist like SoFail. She’s making people think badly of him by association! Should he mingle more with people who are different from him? Definitely, it would greatly expand his POV. That being said, I myself am a WOC who thinks that politicizing diversity quotas has only succeeded in causing more division. Virtually all BLM funds are going to Sleepy Joe’s doomed campaign, that certainly isn’t creating new job opportunities for minorities. FYI Clea in the comics looks unique but she’s definitely not black. She’s white-haired and fair-skinned, though you could still get away with casting an asian or latino actress. On the flip side, casting a white woman as Storm wouldn’t make any sense either. You have to respect the source material to some extent or you will definitely piss off your fanbase.

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