Some of us are Medblrs. Oh really? Do you include yourself one? Because last time I checked unemployed medical interpreters aren’t medical experts. You keep accusing Sophie of lying on her cv without evidence, but you lie about yours all the time. No wonder you’re a Trump supporter, you’re just as hypocritical and narcissistic as him.

Medblrs are Tumblr bloggers that work in the medical field you idiot. That includes doctors, nurses and support staff. People like myself fall under that category and though the pandemic has impacted all job sectors I am not unemployed unlike your pathetic troll ass. I haven’t lied about my job experience or on my CV for that matter. As for SoFail’s CV being chock full of BS? We’ve proven that many times over, go look for the rest of those lengthy posts yourself. I’ve made it very clear that I’m not a Cheeto fan but Sleepy Joe and Kamaltoe are even worse. I especially don’t like the insurrection the DNC (and RINOs) have been staging for four fucking years because they want to keep getting their way no matter what…

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