How shall I put it nicely. Anyone who spreads qanon garbage is absolute trash and is mentally unstable. Every single post aeltri makes is infused with dangerous and vile conspiracy bollocks and you lately are increasingly following her on that path. Sadly it’s often weakwilled and easily manipulated middleaged women like you who fall for these type of ludicrousness. But sure – blame it on a celeb’s wife, eh? You’re even more unhinged than the journo showed you to be.


How shall I put this nicely? How about this: if you think it’s all just coming from QAnon? You are WRONG.

But we both know that you are just using the Qanon conspiracy to try to keep people from believing the truth about Rosie and Sophie.

How shall I put it nicely? Y’all got caught and that’s going to have serious consequences. The punishment for your crimes won’t be nice at all. Just ask Maxwell, Weinstein and their co-conspirators how life is treating them. You ran with them when times were good, everyone knows that so stop acting stupid. Only truly mentally ill people make money by buying, selling and pimping kids because that’s some sick shit.

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