Are you aware that the post you reblogged from Aeltri with the supposed coded words is straight up Pizzagate QAnon bullshit? There’s not an ounce of truth in it. Honestly, Aeltrileaf thinks that some people are possessed by demonic entities. What more proof do you need to see she’s insane?


That post I reblogged was referring directly to a specific group of traffickers…including one of Harvey’s girls that tried to trap Benedict with a pregnancy right before Zero came in the picture. The same woman who may have supplied Sophie Hunter with loaner kids for Pap Ops. That whole exchange was more than likely an encrypted conversation between her and a co-collaborator. Just because Pizzagate isn’t real, doesn’t mean all of those terms are fake. Using your logic, since Pizzagate isn’t real, then that means human trafficking is all a sham. These are people tied to Epstein, Weinstein and Wexner. And they have helped to prey on Benedict Cumberbatch and lord only knows how many others. But thanks for playing.

Some of which may be Harvey’s kids, mind you. Those are known codewords as per WikiLeaks and Gator summed everything up perfectly. Trafficking and honeytrapping is big business, if you can’t deal with that simple fact? That’s too bad, now GTFO of here with your BS…

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