Here we are, your name was in a newspaper and now you’re known enough to make V go ” Not a word about the cumberbatchians except for Aeltri and Gator, they’re both legit, they were in the news”? I’m sure AScott smirked and added “fairytales”. Really clever coming from someone who spent the last six years calling Sophie a famewhore.

Unlike Gator my real name wasn’t used nor did I agree to a formal interview, you fool. This isn’t about me, it’s about the information I’ve compiled and my blog name mattered because it sent traffic this way. Ask yourself why TPTB would want that? Because like most people, AScott included, they aren’t on your side. Haven’t you figured that out by now? Remember what y’all started 4 years ago? You reap what you sow, darling…

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