Poor Man’s Ghislaine

Just like GM, Sophie Hunter hooks, procures, pimps and gathers kompromat. GM sold info to CIA/Mi6/MOSSAD, Sophie’s handler Euan Rellie is an asset himself. His daddy was head of Mi6, connect the dots. Check out what this CDAN Nonny said RE SoFail’s ‘Listener’ role:

“OOH! The term "listener” made me think of a fun fact about my uncle, who was in the CIA from the time he got out of the Navy in the early 60s … right through (I think) the late 70s (I know he was in Bolivia and Argentina in the 70s, at least, and almost died there under what sounded, to me [I was born in ’65] like extremely WEIRD circumstances) or early 80s. And then he was a civilian contractor for the US military for a long time after that. ANY time someone asked him what he did for either organization, no matter who asked, all he would say is, “I’m in listening.”

You’re more right now that you know 😉!

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