god just saw the new pics. the both look SO ugly. sorry, i said it. she has NO chin. side view is not her friend. he looks ugly w the weight loss and she has looked good before imo, but this last event and these pics she looks the ugliest i have ever seen her. did she do something to her face? ive never been on the sophie is hideous train, i think she can look quite good, but wow. she is looking so fucking ugly lately. and i saw that as an fugly person myself


I get it. I’ve heard she’s actually not ugly in person…but the camera is NOT her friend. (Not like I can say much….I am also so not photogenic). And he looks rough right now. Sigh. She looks healthy and he looks like he’d break in a wind gust.

Well, botox and fillers can only do so much. The loss of subcutaneous fat means SoFail’s masculine bone structure is becoming more evident. He/she’s probably using more drugs because things aren’t exactly working out for him/her. It’s only going to get worse…

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