So it’s not just us skeptics noticing how bad he looks?

Way to go Disney! You really did it now, how’s this for PR! Where did he get it from then and when? Did it cause those scars on his scalp? Does she have it too? I’d also like to know more about her ‘pregnancies’ if that’s the case! Bull.Fucking.Shit. folks. I remember how 4 years ago when Sophie Hunter was drugging BC to death with coke and Oxy he started wasting away until we had people saying that he had cancer and/or AIDS. Nope, she was trying to get him to OD until he went to rehab and everyone needs to know this. Then, just like magic he got well again, enough to play a superhero. We are seeing a repetition of the start of the sham when she threatened him into signing papers with her as the beneficiary! Guess what? You aren’t going to use claims of illness as a cover to murder him Cunter.

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