It sounds as if a lot of people have tried to intervene with Ben over these last few years, but he keeps digging in and telling them to F* off, sometimes even if it loses him their friendship. Are we sure he isn’t just too egotistical to admit he made a huge mistake? He didn’t seem that way long ago, but who knows?


I’ve been told it’s not because he’s egotistical, it’s because he’s terrified. And so, I’m going with that.

Terrified of what? Benedict’s already putting everything, even his life on the line by letting Sophie Hunter’s team call the shots. All they do is smear him via the Sun etc and he rolls over. It’s quite tragic and DS2 won’t happen if this keeps up. He doesn’t even look and act like the actor Marvel hired anymore! All PR is doing is making more people sideeye this mess. She will kill him, is that what you want Disney? You are contributing to BC’s illness by drugging him and not treating him. That’s abuse and malpractice, I will remind you that all eyes are on you….

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