Yes, Emily had her last appearance at the lifetime achievement award for Beryl Vertue. Look at her face in the pics of the event. Deeply worried about Ben. He was led by Beryl’s hand like a little child, totally absentminded. When the press took their pics he smiled. But there was sth off. I wonder what was going on right before their entrance. This poor man. 2016 was very hard for him.


Not just 2016, but yeah. He’s like a shell of his former self.

Actually, I saw a photo of Emily with Karon at the JLC event in Geneva. That was in early 2018 but she has been MIA since then. From what I’ve gathered she had been replaced as BC’s PA by that dumb blonde Chantelle Manners by late 2016. Doubtless at SoFail’s insistence because Emily wouldn’t spy on or try to poison her own uncle…

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