MK Beatles, MI6, Counter Culture Mind Control, and Elite SRA rings

By kestrel9

This is a great read on the bigger picture imo. Covering covert (Satanic/political/pedo/secret occult societies agenda) against the US. I’ve been looking at the Process Church, Savile, the death cult/mafia hit job ties (Manson family/MKULTRA), counter culture as CIA initiated/manipulated, assassinations of political figures, and so on. I have another source with the British Crown/Savile potentially using biker gangs, which I believe tie into activity in the US. Keep in mind Scientology, OSS, the Profumo affair and the founder of The Process Church, Mary Ann McClean, who for whatever reason, in the only 2 pics I’ve seen of her (one is a photo), resembles Hillary and Chelsea Clinton regarding facial features. Go figure.

I’ve been reading about persons involved in and around the Manson Tate killing which appear to me to have different motives than what’s been the public face of it. At any rate, this is a great compilation of interlinking people and places overtime, what we were told outright was the British Invasion. The motives in some aspects, were the same as today as yesterday and tomorrow, take guns away, divide people and cause a race war(s), destroy society via drugs and violence and Operation Chaos.

I’ll expand my comments when time permits.

MK Beatles

Regular readers of my blogs will know that Dr Richard Asher was the father of Jane, who famously spent most of the 1960’s dating Beatle Paul McCartney, and Mensa member and Indica Gallery founder Peter Asher. You may, however, be less familiar with Dr Stephen Ward. Ward was an osteopath who came to world-wide infamy in 1963 via the Profumo Affair honey-trap that sunk the British government of the day but that successfully hid so much more of the Establishment’s dirty laundry.

‘It would be humbug if I did not confess that I looked forward to the sex orgies. I have been to every type of that party — those specializing in certain perversions and those given in an elaborate setting where all the formalities were observed. Many of the people who attend are rich and famous — many faces that are seen in public life and on television. If their public could only see them like this.’

— Stephen Ward, osteopath and society artist, 1963.

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