Mane, funny isn’t it that some Russian Bit blog with no posts sent me this FB post almost immediately after that blind was revealed?!!! Zero, your narc is showing. Oh, and who is that baby supposed to be? Because it doesn’t look like either of the babies you used before for Kit and Hal.

From 05/17/17 sans iWatch…while this reveal is from today:


Say there’s a couple consisting of a movie star and someone in the entertainment industry. They get married, have a bunch of kids, he works, she works, everything is peachy and not weird. That’s normal, right? What if they get married, and all of a sudden her CV blossoms like dandelions after a storm. No longer a bit part actress, but a director, a playwright, a singer, a mime, and the next coming of Mother Hubbard in her motherliness. Awards are being tossed her way left and right. At least, on the surface. Scratch that gold and it’s lead beneath. The awards? Went to the company, not the individual. The plays written? Never saw the light of day. Singer? Lord help us. Opera director- ummm. Not so much. And yet without fail, when he does something noteworthy (good or bad), within a few days there’s another article about her, lauding her accomplishments. (which, we’ve already determined, are negligible) So what’s REALLY going on behind the curtain that we’re not supposed to see? Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter (revealed by Enty on 3/3/2019)

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