Vegan Restaurant Owner’s Link to Elite Politicians, Movie Stars and Trafficking NYC Foster Children

By lamplight

I first came upon this story which described a woman in NYC who owned a restaurant known to serve “raw” food with an emphasis on vegan. Apparently she was popular with her main clients being well known assholes such as Alec Baldwin who, again apparently, was a big fan of her “raw lasagna”. Her name is Sarma Melngailis who was arrested and the original claims were that she was arrested after “ordering a pizza”. Now when I first was skimming through to look for what I originally intended I said to myself “Wtf, why does this matter and why would places like fucking Vanity Fair, Daily Beast and the NYT give even a second of time to a dumb bitch restaurant owner of some vegan place?” I will get into that but first, here is the initial article I found:

So the article outlines a bunch of shit to attempt to make it abundantly clear that her arrest wasn’t due to ordering a “pizza” but rather because she committed fraud and broke labor laws along with her “husband” Anthony Strangis which led them flee to evade arrest. I sat there again with the “wtf” thought in my mind about why this story mattered and why the fuck those said mentioned “news” groups gave a shit about this story. I mean, seriously, when do major “news” groups give two shits about an arrest for fraud, no racial connection, no deaths, no nothing of interest outside of the biggest issue – that she didn’t order a pizza but was “brainwashed” into ordering a pizza. The shitshow Daily Beast now jumps in because, you know, when you are facing fraud charges you always want to make sure to tell the media (who for some reason find this important). She had to set the record straight on the pizza: “Actually, the non-raw, non-vegan cheesy pie (plus a side of chicken wings) was only for the 300-plus-pound Strangis, who placed the order using his real name, thus leading authorities to the hotel”. Daily Beast calls it a “raw food empire”:

Now this is where it gets weird. The fatass dude, Strangis, who was living in Florida and even before he married the “raw food” bitch from NY, I repeat, even before he married her/moved up there he was conversing with numerous “star” level actors/actresses such as Alec Baldwin. So consider this for a moment, random fat guy without a job and absolutely zero connections to anything somehow has the ear of “A list” fucks like Baldwin, Woody Harrelson and Gisele Bundchen. Have you ever heard of a random nobody with zero connections randomly being associated with big name actors when said person has absolutely nothing of value that they would want? No, of course you haven’t because it makes no fucking sense. Yet he was not only conversing/dealing with them but he also maintained a Twitter follower count of over 50k assholes. The question is of course why?

Oh but it gets more interesting my faithful anon fellow autists. He stated this back in 2012: “My Tweets have been featured in Rolling Stone, Funny or Die, People Magazine, Jimmy Kimmel Live. Proud Nerd and Gamer.” So now we add Jimmy Kimmel, Corey Booker (!!!) and vagina steam expert Christy Teigen.

So to sum this up. Fat loser with absolutely no connection to anything and (at that time) no clear job, no connection to “raw food vegan” bitch from NYC somehow, he somehow, has connection to Baldwin, Teigan, Harrelson, Corey Booker, Kimmel and many other “big names”. I ask again, why?

But even more interesting, this asshole along with his fraudster “wife” who fled the cops, defrauded in the amount of over one fucking million dollars and so on…. guess what… they are free and are not in prison despite all of that. These nobodies who on paper have nothing to offer and yet are connected to seriously high powered names… they are not in jail, they received a huge amount of media protection and they now changed their social media names and are still chirping away. He (stupidly) kept his same Twitter address and merely changed his name. Now he is (sigh..) “Dorian Gray”:

His attorney, Samuel Karliner, is a well known name in NYC as well. Remember when a Chris Cuomo (Governor of New York) aide was gunned down and shot? Well, Karliner represented one of the shooters:

The only one who died – Carey Gabay — a 43-year-old Harvard-educated lawyer who’d worked for Cuomo’s Empire State Development Corporation. Yet there was no DNA or ballistic evidence to link to the event even happening or the “shooters” even having to do with it. They claim they weren’t there, they claim the event never even happened and claims abound that the event was an assassination of Gabay by one shooter and there wasn’t even a crowd around and that everything else was fabricated with no evidence to show any of it happened.

However, despite that, guess what happened, a “foundation” to end gun violence emerges:

But back to the other subject. Karliner (attorney) also represented Yona Weinberg who is a notorious child molester/trafficker who fled NYC to Israel. A local rabbi in NYC stated:

“Horowitz told The Journal News/lohud that he won’t be intimidated by Weinberg, who used his position as a bar mitzvah tutor to gain access to his victims, who were 12 and 13.

He also sees the fight as part of a larger effort designed to thwart others from exposing sex offenders and warning potential victims of the danger. The Israeli legal maneuverings are key to this tactic, he said.”

and here is his disgusting history:

The attorney also represented the rapist of an 83 year old woman:

But don’t worry if you scam almost 1 million dollars through fraud, attorney Karliner will make sure you get no jail time:

Attorney Karliner who married Jill Postelnek who once wrote

Yet her husband is deeply connected with the foster system in NY and has taken many cases of youth offenders only for them to end in the very place in which his wife states causes mental issues:

So we have an attorney who is connected to a claimed assassination of a Governor aide and represents clients who rape and molest children and is connected to the foster care system in which his wife works. But importantly, look who else frequented the “raw food” vegan spot in NYC. Bill Clinton:

All of this, every square inch of this research, coming due to the media converging to make sure the story of the fact a raw food restaurant owner didn’t herself order a ‘CHEESE PIZZA".

My fellow anons, I have been investigating things a long time and this right here, this, this door will lead to a bunch of trafficking, molestation and the kidnapping of children through the foster system. It’s all here and just needs to be dug out more and refined but this is it, I am certain of it. I just wanted to open this door for you all since I know there are a few like minded investigators on here like myself.

Additional information. Vanity Fair article linking Chelsea Clinton (among many others) to the spot in question:

Current Twitter of woman:

MANY other names connected including NYT writer Porochista Khakpour. This is a big deal and will open the door to a shit load in terms of pedoshit including many other issues.

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