Actor Cameron Boyce, Joe Biden and ‘THIRST’ Charity

by Oh_Well_Ian

Cameron Boyce DEAD @20

The young actor had dedicated himself to charity work in recent years, introducing former Vice President Joe Biden at his Biden Courage Awards in March, and he was honored with the Pioneering Spirit Award at last year’s Thirst Gala, sponsored by the Thirst Project, a nonprofit for which Boyce raised $30,000 to build wells for clean drinking water in Swaziland.

THIRST CHARITY looks highly suspicious. “World’s Leading Youth Water Activism Organization” ( WTF is ‘Youth Water Activism’ ? )

Look at these creeps on the Board of Directors for the THIRST Project

Board Member of THIRST Andrew Varela of ‘Not Vodka Water’ – another charity bringing water to African Youths ( WATCH THE WATER!! )

‘This expression isn’t usually associated with drinking water, but we’d like to change that because few things are more crucial than hydration. Even though being hydrated helps you look sexy o_0, water bottles weren’t. Now you can look good being healthy!’

Look at this merch from ‘Not Vodka Water’ including Pizza slices and Unicorns

It seems the entire Board of Directors at THIRST has ties to shady charities connected to HELLYWOOD 

‘OMAZE’ Charity

Jennifer Garner hosted the 2018 Thirst Gala sponsored by Paramount Pictures

Not sham related but Enty just did a blind probably about Creepy Cavill and his new target MillieBB for their roles in the new Sherlock Holmes project. *vomits*


Saw that. I guess he’s gonna fight Drake for her?

True story, I also have a photo of Drake blowing some dude if anyone is interested. The whole industry is sick and that should confirm something for y’all. When SoFail bragged about having access to people who could satisfy Cavill’s ‘appetites’? She was referring to the underaged, she’s a pedo pimp herself. Wait until it all gets out, that’s going to make your brand look fucking fantastic Benedict! Keep calling her an ‘asset’…

Not sham related but Enty just did a blind probably about Creepy Cavill and his new target MillieBB for their roles in the new Sherlock Holmes project. *vomits*


Saw that. I guess he’s gonna fight Drake for her?

True story, I also have a photo of Drake blowing some dude if anyone is interested. The whole industry is sick and that should confirm something for y’all. When SoFail bragged about having access to people who could satisfy Cavill’s ‘appetites’? She was referring to the underaged, she’s a pedo pimp herself. Wait until it all gets out, that’s going to make your brand look fucking fantastic Benedict! Keep calling her an ‘asset’…

Marina Abramovic, Hollywood, the Bronfmans and Epstein

By darkknight111

Found this on 8 chan. Tracking the movements of Marina Abramovic. Long post, Abramovic is a deeper connecting cog than even we realized.

Lets begin early on in 2010, as Marina makes one of the earliest appearances with Jay Z in Picasso Baby, mixing her in with the hip hop stars already under Bronfman financial control.

In May 2011, Marina appears with Hannah and Clarissa Bronfman at the MoMA Annual Party. Another interesting note – Mayor Mike Bloomberg was also in attendance. Marina directed the gala later this year.

Marina’s has big ideas in her head for the MoMA Gala, and sets out hiring her actors.

Marina’s gala comes to head – heads on tables, her naked body as a centerpiece and all the attendees wearing lab coats, and a Debbie Harry cake. All for the mere price of $2500+ per seat with 750 guests.

Not everyone was happy with the demeaning treatment of the actors or had the same perspective of Marina’s presentation as “art”.

The MoMA event was a smash for Marina, propelling her in many directions, one being a video game created in her honor in late 2011.

The event propels Marina into her next venture – the HBO documentary, The Artist is Present, in 2012.

In 2013, Marina decides that she wants to open an interdisciplinary performance and education center. Lady Gaga, a friend she had helped kick a marijuana habit, helps her launch the fundraising event.

Marina seems to hit a dry spell, doesn’t seem to appear in any notable events again until 2014, when she’s hired to do an Adidas commercial for the FIFA World Cup, and fails miserably. That can’t be good for funding.

In Dec 2014, Marina is once again seen attending art fair events with the Hollyweird stars – these events always have a Bronfman present, and she runs right into Hannah Bronfman.

And voila – 2mos later, Marina has signed a contract with Rem Koolhaas to build her museum of performance art. She attends an event at the Core Club to seek out the $8M needed from a tiny group of elite art collectors.

In early 2015, a re-run of Marina’s older works is on display at the MoMA, rinse and repeat for a fresh batch of income.

This latest event at the MoMA is to bring her name into light again and to drive up funding for an upcoming book.

Funding for Marina’s ventures is not going well, and Marina publicly slanders JayZ for not paying her the money as promised for the 2010 performance and 2013 joint venture that she does w/him for Picasso Baby video.

In June 2015, Marina takes on the job of Art Director for Givenchy – perhaps all those connections to Hollyweird and the elite will pay off.

Leaks of Marina’s book comes out and her edgy ways cause huge upset, undoubtedly killing sales and alienating some of her previous donors and financiers. She earns herself the #Racist title.

November 2015 brings on further hard times, she’s now facing a lawsuit by former lover and art collaborator, Ulay Laysiepen.

In Sept 2016, Marina loses the case against Ulay Laysiepen, for manipulation of financial records, and screwing him out of royalty payments. Was she represented by the Bronfmans??

The connection to Epstein is through Barry Avric, who also connects to the Bronfmans.

Barry Avric may require a seperate thread as he could be a potential new lead.

Marina appears in the Wikileaks Podesta emails. People outside of the art world start looking up #SpiritCooking and labeling previous works of art as “Satanic”. Emotions/imaginations make up alternate stories for pics.

“If it bleeds, it leads”. No news is bad news (as we’ve learned from @realDonaldTrump). What genius timing for her name to be propelled to the front pages – just in time for that book to hit the shelves, for new & curious viewers.

In March 2017, Marina hooks up with Bronfman pal Avrich to do a documentary for the art world – Avrich has also done work on pals Jeffrey Epstein & Harvey Weinstein. Still needs $ for the museum & new eyes = $.

In Oct 2017, Marina realizes that she’d fall short on the $ to upkeep the Performance Art Museum/School, and decides to scrap the plans.

Investors for the Kick Starter are now pissed and want to know what they’re getting for their investments. Larger donors received a Power Point presentation for their $.

Marina is pissed that news articles have questioned her squandering of investor’s money. She retorts that entrance to the gallery was “free”. Just another poor financial decision for Marina.

In March 2018, Republican John Gibbs, who later became a HUD senior adviser, uses the Marina controversy to rile up the base – or to once again drive $? Unsure.. No news is bad news. Others have used to propel themselves.

The #SpiritCooking dinners were a performance that she had done in the 1990’s (the era of literal garbage art & grunge), and it was being offered to investors who had donated more than $10k for the Kick Starter.

Since her American ventures have failed, Marina is now back in Europe and her new digital experience performance opened in London.

And rinse & repeat – the #SpiritCooking rage was successful, she’s a worldwide name. Still underpaying performers, and still reaping the rewards of bad news, as the Satanic Panic goes into play in Poland.

The receipts clearly show her patronage by a legendary Jewish crime family who literally headed the World Jewish Congress. I’m sure the fact that Marina belongs to the same ethnic and ‘religious’ group has nothing to do with that!

All CDAN blinds on Hollywood/Political pedophiles


By gamepwn

Stanley Kubrik/Peter Sellers:

J. Paul Getty/John Paul Getty Jr./Ferdinand Marcos:

Sara Bronfman/Gina Hutchinson/Pamela Cafritz:

Jared Fogle/Anthony Weiner:

Cher/Anthony Kiedis:

Michael Jackson:

Robert Houston:

Jeffrey Epstein:

Bill Clinton/Sam Kinison:

John Podesta/Geroge Clooney:

David Geffen/Harmony Korine/James Franco:

Don Henley/David Geffen/Jerry Brown/Clintons:

Mark Sailing/Charlie Sheen/Ryan Murphy/David Geffen:

Matthew Morrison/Bryan Singer:

Chris Savino or Dan Schneider:

R. Kelly:

Frank Giustra:

Joe Francis:

Don Johnson:

James Franco:

David Pelzer:

Kurt Russell:

James Gunn:

Dan Harmon:


Deaths of celebrities who tried to expose pedophiles


Trevor Wilson:

Chris Cornell/Monica Peterson/Alexis Arquette:

Chester Bennington/Chris Cornell:

Heather O’Rourke’s death:

Judith Barsi’s death:

Macaulay Culkin:

Apparently, there is a church in a small town in Arizona built to house child slaves. By the hundreds. It’s a fake town meant to look real. People think it’s ether Colorado City, Arizona or Centennial Park, Arizona:

Pedophile house for elites and politicians located on St. Charles Street in New Orleans:

Jon Derek:

Birdman/Toni Braxton:

Bill Wyman/Steven Tyler/Ted Nugent:

James Franco/Dave Franco/David Geffen/Harmony and Rachel Korine:

Steve-O/Elizabeth Canalis /George Clooney/Kat von D/Rafael Reyes

Ted Nugent


CALIFORNICATION CONNECTION: LA the Cesspool, Crowley, Bowie, the Zodiac Killer and Manson

By theooeht

This expands upon the connection of Crowley with California. This was alluded to in the original post and Part II will attempt to document his influence of disseminating evil in the bitter pill known as Satanism. It will give substantive proof that: (1) secret societies are connected, and that (2) Crowley’s visit to California left a lasting indelible stain that has spread and leaked into all strata of society. Make no mistake about it, Satanism is the underbelly of the elite cabal. Also to warn you, this is long so I’ll have to pull a Swordfish69 and break it up in the replies.

PT 1: NXIVM and Raniere’s Connection to the Satanism, Egyptian Mysteries, the Zodiac Killer and Aleister Crowley:

I’ll begin with this:

1:19 Sneak attack by the Zodiac :51 Coming to the light of day 1:03 You and I both know … everything must go away … what’da you say

I chose to use Dark Necessities by the Red Hot Chili Peppers to demonstrate the unyielding popularity/obsession with the dark side and the insistence that they are evil by design. The lingering allure of the Zodiac Killer is alive and well and given tributes vis a vis popular songs, but why? Does The Zodiac hold a special places in their hearts because of what we know of his exploits? Or because of what we don’t know? Was he one of them?

But that’s going to take a while to get to, so let me skip to providing absolute proof that Masonry and all the rest of these secret societies are one and the same and completely compatible. While each has its unique spin, these aren’t differences. Instead, each amplifies and fulfills the other. In other words, the Satanism Crowley practiced is one and the same as Rosicrucians, Freemasons, and all the rest.

It draws from the traditions of the Freemasonic, Rosicrucian and Illuminist movements of the 18th and 19th centuries, the crusading Knights Templars of the Middle Ages and early Christian Gnosticism and the Pagan Mystery Schools. Its symbolism contains a reunification of the hidden traditions of the East and the West, and its resolution of these traditions has enabled it to recognize the true value of Aleister Crowley’s revelation of The Book of the Law…

This is how the O.T.O defines this unification. They are the ones proving my point for me. For instance, if Crowley were to go to a Christian church, a legitimate Christian church do you imagine his manifesto would be compatible with theirs? That it could combine and accepted as compatible with Christ’s teachings? Only if the church were not Christian. And Crowley was not only a member of this O.T.O., he also headed the organization. Aleister Crowley served as the Outer Head of the Order from 1922 until his death in December of 1947.

Furthermore, Aleister Crowley embraced Baphomet, the same Baphomet currently in vogue in PedoWood. The following site tries to debunk Baphomet as not evil. Yeah, just because everyone evil is worshipping Baphomet doesn’t make the horned god evil. Yup, that really bolsters their argument:

Eliphas Levi’s Baphomet was also adopted by Aleister Crowley, most famously in his Gnostic Mass. The deep symbolic nature of Baphomet fit well with Crowley’s interpretations of Renaissance and Medieval ritual magick. It also incorporated familiar elements of binary cosmology that supported Crowley’s hermetic ideology. Crowley described Baphomet as a divine androgyne, representative of mystical perfection through a union of opposites. He also equated this union of opposites to that which occurs when a sperm and egg join. This line of thought, triggered by his reflections upon Baphomet, was profoundly influential in Crowley’s theories of sex magick.

Crowley also connected ideas of suppressed knowledge and secret worship, thus Baphomet, with Satan. He argued that contrary to traditional Christian thought, Satan represented “not the enemy of Man, but He who made Gods of our race, knowing Good and Evil; He bade ‘Know Thyself!’ and taught Initiation. He is ‘The Devil’ of The Book of Thoth, and His emblem is BAPHOMET, the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection… He is, therefore, Life, and Love.”

Oh, I get it now … The Devil is the friend of man so he isn’t bad either. So Baphomet isn’t bad just like Satan isn’t bad. Right…sure. Tell that to the children who’ve been tortured. And because of Baphomet, we have the concept of the ANDROGYNE which is also trending in PedoWood and across the country.

With that out of the way, I’d like to next delve into Crowley travels to Los Angeles. One would think that someone of his stature would attract scrutiny, but the absence of information about why he traveled to California is alarming. Who did he visit? Why did he visit? There only seems to be more questions than answers … like this article … it only says that he might have stayed at the Krotona Theosophical Society:

The British mystic visited in November 1915 and described Angelenos as a “cinema crowd of cocaine-crazed sexual lunatics.”

I would say he got that right, but there is a significant date I found. The year 1924 is called out for Crowley being in California and staying at a place called the #CECIL HOTEL.

It’s here that things get strange…or perhaps strange-R. But the curious thing about LA is that there are locations that are haunted … or cursed. These occult incidents, these murders seem to cluster around these hotspots and the Cecil Hotel is one of those places. There have been a series of incidents that have taken place there, including a recent horrific death of a young woman named Elisa Lam. Some of you might have seen the final video taken of this girl in an elevator. It trended for a long time and it really is terrifying. She really seems to be conversing with things that aren’t there, but some of you might be confused over my saying ‘’recent’’. After all, if it was recent how could Crowley’s stay in 1924 possibly have anything to do with it? Answer: Plenty and it ties in with why there are these hotspots and clustering of people, too.

Yes, as a note of interest, it’s not only strange incidents that happen in these locations. Infamous personalities also show up personalities that make headlines for all the wrong reasons. For instance, the Cecil Hotel is rumored to have hosted Elizabeth Short, of Black Dahlia fame. Richard Ramirez, The Night Stalker is another ominous guest. And did you know that the building itself has an ‘’Evil Twin’’:

A little research turned up something interesting — the Cecil Hotel had a double, and it was located in London. The Cecil Hotel in London was built in 1886 and torn down in 1930. Built of stone block and red brick, this was no rooming house for outcasts, it was in fact #a luxury hotel accommodating corporate power and the global elite.

Did we get that last part? THE GLOBAL ELITE. More:

The hotel had its own built-in masonic hall and so, it was a favorite meeting place for many Freemason lodges in the London area, including those noted for worshiping Lucifer.

LUCIFER? The Cecil Hotel in London? And there it is again. Another source saying that Freemason lodges WORSHIP LUCIFER.

But what about Elisa Lam?

The Poem “Jephthah” And More Bizarre Coincidences

On November 18 of that year, Crowley, still at the Cecil Hotel, was initiated into the Outer Order of the Golden Dawn by its prestigious leader, Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers. Crowley, always a prolific writer, penned some interesting poetry during his stay at the Cecil, including one in particular that is pertinent to our discussion.

The poem Jephthah, written during his stay at the Cecil, has been cited by conspiracy theorists as somehow foreshadowing Elisa Lam. The poem tells of Jephthah, a Judge of Israel, who ended up burning his daughter as a sacrifice. Their daughter’s name, coincidently, was Seila, which also works as an anagram for Elisa.

I would say that’s pretty compelling stuff. And all the details of the death including the video can be found on the link provided. And here’s another link that provides more details about the Cecil Hotel:

Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Keith Raniere and More

By srayzie


Harvey Weinstein —> Bob Weinstein (brother) —> Jeffrey Epstein (black book) —> Richard Branson (black book) —> Keith Raniere (endorsement of World Ethical Foundations Consortium AND the NXIVM parties at his island).


As with Anna Wintour, Donna Karan hosted BC and SH as a favor for Weinstein. Sure puts everything into perspective doesn’t it? They say Branson throws even better pedo parties than Epstein does…

All the times Seth Macfarlane of Family Guy and American Dad Called Out the Pedos

By gamepwn

I’m curious why Seth does this. For laughs? Predictive programming? Any chance of trying to do something good?

Family Guy calling out Bryan Singer

Family Guy calling out Kevin Spacey in 2005

Family Guy calling out Harvey Wienstein

American Dad calling out Steven Spielberg

Gene Wilder? The Willy Wonka scene seems to imply it.