Whether Meghan is in NYC or not, Daily Mail got exclusive pics “Shutter Up & Probe-Media for DailyMailcom”. IS THIS QUID PRO QUO FOR DAILY MAIL DOXXING ARTICLE: dox bloggers and Meg gives them an exclusive pap walk?? BRF made clear doxxing was not ordered by them. Prepublicity with all Meg’s fav sugar outlets talking about trip (People, Cosmo, Harpers, US Weekly) but only DM gets rights to pics. I am livid. How is this different to what her dad did, for which he’s never been forgiven.


Who knows….she doesn’t care…nothing matters to her…❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Well, we learned how they operate with the first SoHoe didn’t we 😏…

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