It just gets better and better! Oh Marvel?

Can they really build a family home, where they are not even living together and build children rooms for imaginary children? What kind of fairytale fantasy is that? That story is getting weirder by the day.

It sure is.

You mean like this one?

A castle fit for a Cumberbatch: Benedict’s sprawling new £10.8m mansion in Los Angeles

Nigeria?!? Someone is miffed, I guess VFF flopped like SoFail’s plastic pooch or her tiny geriatric tatas. The drugs etc. that her miserable clan moves via La Havre>Isle of Wight>Portsmouth courtesy of the ‘Island Mafia’ aren’t fictitious though quite unlike BC’s PR partnership from hell. Thanks for the name of her MP relative BTW, I’m sure the relevant parties will be very interested. Is BC focusing less on actual filmmaking in order to partake in the Seely family ‘business’ as well? I sure hope not, anything happens to him they’ll get the house by virtue of it’s location. I do find it telling that since Red Ed was outed everyone seems to be in a hurry to flip the DP property, are we looking at a Seth Green situation here? Building permits 😈…

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