Unbelievable! You have no mutuals with BC. The man himself was quoted saying he’s always been obsessed with being a father and wanted nothing more out of life since he was 12. Judging by the successive pregnancies, I’d say he’s a man on a mission. I’m frankly worried about SH, if anything. Claiming it’s a PR ploy & the kids aren’t his/real is insanely dumb. He could have racked up way more +PR w/ adoption or surrogacy (struggle to conceive narrative). Go figure


Exactly. But instead he got stuck with a narcissist thanks to Harvey Weinstein. A malignant Narc who is using all of his own dreams against him. And you don’t know who I do and don’t know. You’d be shocked by the number of ancillary connections I have with the man. I have never met him, and don’t really care if I ever do. Especially after all this mess.

BC’s a man on a mission alright, to self-destruct. He’s so very happy with his current sitch that he’s resorted to slow suicide by starving himself now. Doing this more than once:


Is insane and dumb…just like SoFail herself! Merely pointing out what is plainly visible is a no-brainer. Surrogacy doesn’t explain it and neither does adoption, it really is a con run amok and one that BC is in no condition to deal with on his own. We know what SoFail’s friends kids look like as well as RosieHoe’s, whose are they going to borrow?

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